Who we are

Meghna’s Design and Jewels was established by Meghna Sanghi in 2005. Meghna Sanghi is renowned jewelery designer based in Jaipur providing her designing and manufacturing services to domestic and international clients based out of johari bazar, Jaipur.

What we do

We undertake various manufacturing and sourcing jobs required by our clients like Sourcing of raw material(colour stone, diamond, bead etc), assortment, manufacturing of the same from the material either sourced by us or provided by client i.e. colour stones, diamond, beads etc into fine jewelry piece’s.

How can we add value to your business:

As it is clear from the above that we are a professional company headed by a jewelry professional to make fine jewelry. We can add tremendous value to your business as we provide various services like customization and designing/redesigning. Small and medium jewelry outlets who require unique design for their stores according to their client taste and budget, we can help you in manufacturing small quantity(single pcs) in your budget and design scheme. We canhelp you to source gemstones(precious and semi precious) diamonds, beads etc for you design and budget.

How we do it for you:

You can provide us picture/ rough sketch of the jewelry piece you require. We will then get in touch with you to further improvise your idea and provide you with either hand made sketch or cad image. Once you approve the same we go ahead with manufacturing. In case you provide stones and diamond etc we use the same or if you want we can source the same and make jewelry according to your budget.

We undertake manufacturing in various metals like gold(9k, 14k, 18k, 22k) and Sterling silver( 92.5%).

We do manufacturing for small and medium wholesalers and retailers/ boutique store who like to Customized jewelery designs required by their customers according to there budget. We have customer base in France USA and Australia. Recently we have started manufacturing for Russian and central Asian countries.weEnsure completesecrecy of there desings.

The company has a dedicated marketing team who focus on driving the awareness and interest in the Jewels raga brand both on the ground and on the Web.